An inclusive and open nsfw blogging platform for adult creators.
We believe in artistic expression, regardless of the medium.

lewdr strives to provide a safe blogging platform to express yourself freely,
as long as it doesn't harm others.

Closed Alpha

While we continue to develop the platform, access is restricted to alpha testers.

Effortlessly post text, photo, or video to your blogs either publicly or privately.

By default, your posts are viewable by any visitor or member (excluding those you've blocked). However, you can also choose to create a private post, which will only be viewable by those you've allowed, accepted their request, or is a patreon of you.

Nudity, nsfw illustrations, and sexual literature/erotica are always allowed on our platform.

And yes you guessed it, all nipples are accepted here.

We unfortunutely still need to still prohibit some types content, but we're on your team.

More information on that soon.

Connect your Patreon to allow your patreons to automatically access private posts.

Grow your fanbase and bring in revenue for your posts on Lewdr. We will never charge you to upload your content.